Sundance Resort Journal

Beautiful clear day looking out over the top of snow covered mountains dotted with trees.

Embracing Resilience

Kim Francom's unwavering dedication and love for skiing have made him a legendary figure at Sundance Mountain Resort. For an incredible 50 seasons, Kim has been an integral part of the Sundance community, leaving a mark not only as a skilled ski instructor but also as a beacon of inspiration. As Kim reflects on his extraordinary journey at Sundance, his love for the mountains and the sport that has defined his life remains as strong as ever. With each turn down the slopes and each lesson taught, Kim continues to inspire all those around him with his resilience, tenacity, and unwavering spirit.
Avalanche patrol dog being held by it's trainer.

Unleashing Heroes on the Slopes

Since its inception in the mid-70s, the Avalanche Dog Program at Sundance Mountain Resort has played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of adventurers exploring the pristine slopes of Utah. Over two decades, more than 20 dogs have been an integral part of this life-saving program, with each passing year adding new layers of expertise and knowledge to the curriculum. The program operates as a living legacy of dog training in Utah, where skills, information, and knowledge are not only passed down from one handler to the next but are also continuously refined and improved. It's a torch of knowledge that illuminates the path to safety, ensuring that the Avalanche Dog Program remains at the forefront of rescue efforts in the mountainous terrain.
Surrounded by the green majesty of the mountain, a biker makes their way through Lower Switchback Alley.

A Mountain Biker’s Dream

If you're a fan of Utah mountain biking, we’ve got some thrilling news for you. After a hiatus of a couple of years due to the construction of the new lift, the much-awaited new mountain biking trails off the Wildwood Lift area are now open, offering an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to reconnect with the beauty of the mountains and experience a fresh adrenaline rush. These trails, which have remained untouched and unutilized during the construction phase, are a welcome addition for both intermediate and experienced riders!
A skier descends a steep, snowy slope with a cloud of powder trailing behind, surrounded by rugged, snow-covered mountains under a cloudy sky.

Sundance x Steven Nyman

Over the years, Sundance Mountain Resort has had the privilege of being a nurturing ground for many stories, passions, and dreams. Among these, the journey of Steven Nyman, who was recently named one of the 50 Most Interesting Athletes, may be one of our best testaments to the enduring partnership between mountain athletes and our beloved landscape. From his formative years spent exploring the woods and slopes to his illustrious skiing career and recent retirement, Steven Nyman's story is woven intricately with the fabric of Sundance's ethos.
Aerial view of summertime campgrounds at Sundance Resort.

Reinventing the Camping Experience

We’re unbelievably thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Snow Peak with a shared vision: to redefine camping and create an outdoor experience that blends hospitality with nature. Both Sundance and Snow Peak are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors while ensuring comfort and accessibility for all. At the core of this collaboration is the belief that nature should take center stage, aligning seamlessly with Sundance's commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the mountains. Our goal is to design camping experiences that are not only comfortable but also deeply rooted in the wilderness, providing guests with an opportunity to reconnect with nature in an immersive yet controlled manner.
Gorgeous snow-covered view on the slopes of Sundance Mountain Resort.

New Terrain This Season

With 5 beginner runs, 4 intermediate runs, and 1 advanced run, there’s new Sundance Resort ski terrain for every level of experience this season. Access our 10 new runs via a 7 minute ride up our brand new Wildwood lift at the top of Jake’s. The new terrain sits on a south-facing portion of the mountain, so it’s a great place to ski in the mornings if you’re looking to stay warm!
A snowboarder in a red jacket carves through deep powder among white-barked trees on a snowy day, kicking up a spray of snow.


Snowfall this January was unprecedented, with more than 130 inches of fresh powder fell on our slopes. The near-constant storms pushed base totals over 100″ for the first time in…