Aerial view of summertime campgrounds at Sundance Resort.

Reinventing the Camping Experience

Proudly introducing a partnership with Snow Peak, centered on nature and community

We’re unbelievably thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Snow Peak with a shared vision: to redefine camping and create an outdoor experience that blends hospitality with nature. Both Sundance and Snow Peak are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors while ensuring comfort and accessibility for all.

We’re excited to be able to work with a company in the family camping space that’s revolutionized the experience, the products available, and how individuals utilize those products to come together in the outdoors.

Light on the Land, Strong on Community

At the core of this collaboration is the belief that nature should take center stage, aligning seamlessly with Sundance’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the mountains. Our goal is to design camping experiences that are not only comfortable but also deeply rooted in the wilderness, providing guests with an opportunity to reconnect with nature in an immersive yet controlled manner.

Even Snow Peak’s design aesthetic, which emphasizes blending into nature and minimizing ecological impact, perfectly complements our commitment at Sundance to preserving the environment. As a food brand, Snow Peak’s offerings also align with our passion for excellent dining experiences that bring people together around a communal meal. At the end of the day, this partnership was born because we care about the same things: a community of people committed to nature and all that it has to offer.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to offer Sundance guests an unparalleled camping experience that immerses them in the beauty of nature while ensuring comfort and convenience. From rustic camping to more tailored and pampered options, the partnership aims to accommodate all levels of camping interests, providing a range of options for visitors to choose from. 

The Snow Peak Way

We were thrilled to host a Snow Peak Way event at Sundance this summer as one of the first of many collaborations with Snowpeak. This event serves as a convergence of Snow Peak customers and the brand itself, fostering a deep sense of community and granting access to Snow Peak staff and products. Our VP of Operations, Czar Johnson, described it as a car show for camping. Snow Peak Way takes place in an outdoor setting, where enthusiastic “Snow Peakers” proudly display their meticulously arranged campsites, showcasing their beloved Snow Peak gear.

The ambiance at Snow Peak Way exudes a spirit of deceleration, encouraging attendees to connect with themselves, nature, and others within the community. Unlike heavily programmed events, Snow Peak Way deliberately emphasizes fostering connections among its guests, nurturing the formation of new friendships and meaningful bonds during the gathering.

One of the most cherished moments at Snow Peak Way is “Takibi Time,” where the enchanting Takibi Fires, nestled within Snow Peak’s stylish Takibi products, create a captivating atmosphere. As the chairs are arranged, the bar opens, and Snow Peakers gather around the bonfire, a profound sense of togetherness emerges. In this tranquil moment, attendees embrace the healing power of nature while forging genuine connections with fellow campers.

The Perfect Partnership

One of the reasons this partnership is such a match made in heaven is that Sundance Mountain Resort is the idyllic setting for a “Snow Peak Way” event. Surrounded by an abundance of nature, the resort lies within preserved land, protected from any development by the Redford Family. Beyond that, the vast expanse of the Timpanogos Wilderness land sprawls over 10,000 acres. This breathtaking environment offers the perfect backdrop for slowing down, being immersed in nature, and fostering a tight-knit community.

The community of individuals who attend a Snow Peak Way often consists of devoted Snow Peak customers, individuals who share similar values with fellow enthusiasts of Sundance Mountain Resort. Both communities value nature and embrace its healing powers. Where traditional camping in the US often emphasizes solitude, Snow Peakers believe in surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals, akin to the spirit of togetherness promoted by Sundance.

We look forward to the endless possibilities ahead with this budding partnership, as we embark on a journey of shared experiences immersed in nature’s beauty!

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