Beautiful clear day looking out over the top of snow covered mountains dotted with trees.

Embracing Resilience

The Inspiring Journey of Kim Francom at Sundance Mountain Resort

Kim Francom’s unwavering dedication and love for skiing have made him a legendary figure at Sundance Mountain Resort. For an incredible 50 seasons, Kim has been an integral part of the Sundance community, leaving a mark not only as a skilled ski instructor but also as a beacon of inspiration.

A Story of Triumph

Persevering in the face of adversity has marked Kim’s journey at Sundance. Despite encountering life-altering challenges, including a devastating avalanche in 1981 that left him with a paralyzed left leg, Kim refused to let his passion for skiing fade away.

“It was the only crappy day I ever had in my life,” Kim said.

Undeterred by his injury, Kim embarked on a journey of adaptation and perseverance. Determined to reclaim his place on the slopes, he learned to ski on one leg with unparalleled skill and determination. 

“I was just so excited to start learning to ski again just on one leg,” Kim said. “After they amputated my foot, I just started skiing, hard, I mean and I got really good at it really quick. I skied on one leg for over 38 years.”

His resolute spirit propelled him to remarkable achievements, including winning a national championship and representing his country at 1989 and 1990 National Championships at Stratton, VT and Winter Park, Co., and won the 1992 National Championship in Aspen. CO.

A Legacy of Teaching and Inspiration

For Kim, skiing is not just a passion but a calling — a means to share his love for the sport with others. As a ski instructor, Kim has dedicated himself to teaching both able-bodied individuals and those with disabilities, embodying the spirit of adaptive skiing.

“One of the best things I ever do in my life is to teach somebody to enjoy a sport that has given me so much joy, and it teaches them to have that same level of enjoyment,” Kim said.

His infectious enthusiasm and genuine warmth have touched the lives of countless individuals, instilling in them a newfound appreciation for skiing and a sense of empowerment in overcoming challenges. Whether guiding a beginner down the slopes or mentoring a Paralympic hopeful, Kim’s commitment to spreading joy through skiing is steadfast.

Redefining Possibilities

In 2019, after 38 years of skiing on one leg, Kim’s journey took a turn when he was fitted with a prosthetic ski leg, allowing him to once again experience the thrill of skiing on two legs. This groundbreaking development not only marked a personal triumph for Kim but also opened up new opportunities for him to continue sharing his passion for skiing with others.

A Legacy of Inspiration

As Kim reflects on his extraordinary journey at Sundance, his love for the mountains and the sport that has defined his life remains as strong as ever. With each turn down the slopes and each lesson taught, Kim continues to inspire all those around him with his resilience, tenacity, and unwavering spirit.

“It’s my joy. I’ve spent three-fourths of my life up here. I just can’t quit,” Kim said.

Kim Francom’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, the toughness of the human spirit, and the transformative impact of following one’s passion. His legacy at Sundance Mountain Resort serves as a reminder that with courage and persistence, anything is possible — both on and off the slopes.