A scenic view of a lush green mountainous landscape with dense forests and scattered houses in a valley. The mountain peaks rise in the background under a clear, blue sky.

All About Act2: All The Mountain’s a Stage

It’s time for Our Act 2 Curtain Call

Marked by rich history and connection to its land and community, the mountain has always been a stage for the Sundance story to unfold. It started with the Ute people, evolved through the Stewart family homestead, and blossomed under Robert Redford’s vision of minimal development and extensive conservation. Today, the resort continues to thrive as we honor its legacy while making thoughtful improvements. Our next chapter, Act 2, is a blend of maintaining the cherished traditions and introducing enhancements that enrich the Sundance experience.

Act 2 Projects Currently Underway

The Inn at Sundance Mountain Resort

A much-anticipated addition expected to open in late-2025, The Inn at Sundance will feature 63 rooms designed to blend modern comforts with rustic aesthetics. Rugged yet refined, the Inn will span two buildings to ensure it doesn’t stand higher than the tallest surrounding tree. Designed to serve as a cozy home away from home, it will include a comfortable “Living Room” lounge, a ski locker “Mud Room,” and a wrap-around porch deck providing ample indoor-outdoor hangout time. Ski-in/ski-out access means mountain adventure is always close at hand. The Inn at Sundance will also host the Mountain Veterans Program, providing wounded veterans with a serene environment to relax and connect with nature. Adaptive ski programs will be available, ensuring all participants can enjoy the mountain.

Next-Level Accommodations

Ongoing cottage renovations are updating the interiors while preserving the rustic charm that guests love. Over half of the cottages now feature new appliances, furnishings, air conditioning, and more, enhancing the comfort and appeal for visitors.

For the first time in three decades, new homes are also being built in the resort in 2025. The six Village Homes will offer luxurious living with ski-in/ski-out access and proximity to resort amenities. Nestled among the trees, these homes will combine modern design with the natural beauty of Sundance.

Improvements Aren’t Just for the Overnight Guests

A new day lodge is set to open later this year to improve the day skiing experience. Located near Jake’s Lift and the expanded parking areas, the Mountain Camp Day Lodge will offer amenities like lockers, a ticket office, food and drinks, gear rentals, and a ski school home base. It will be a central hub for skiers to start, relax, and end their day.

Completed Act 2 Projects

Improvements to the Ski Experience

A ski lift station named "Outlaw Express" at Sundance Resort Utah, with skiers in winter gear gathered around, set against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains.

Replacing the aging Ray’s Lift, the new Outlaw Express Lift drastically improved the skiing experience on Sundance’s front mountain. The seven-minute ride, which includes a mid-station for beginners, transformed what was once a 20-minute journey into a swift ascent. This upgrade not only reduced the chill factor during night skiing but also provided direct access to the Mandan summit, making the mountain more accessible and enjoyable for all.

To ensure a consistent skiing experience regardless of natural snowfall, we also expanded our snowmaking capabilities. The addition of a 19-million-gallon pond and a powerful new pump house enables the resort to cover 90% of its runs with man-made snow quickly. This enhancement guarantees reliable skiing conditions and a dependable winter sports season.

The introduction of the Wildwood Lift and ten new runs on the sunny, south-facing slope of Jake’s Lift added 40 acres of beginner and intermediate terrain. This expansion catered perfectly to ski school students and less experienced skiers, offering them gentle slopes to practice and enjoy the sport.

New Ways to Dine & Relax

Formerly Creekside Cafe, The Lookout underwent a significant renovation to provide a more inviting dining experience. The revamped menu includes ski lodge favorites, and the decor features historical skiing photos, all complemented by breathtaking views of Mt. Timpanogos.

Adding a relaxing element to Sundance’s adventurous offerings, The Springs debuted in 2024 with three warm soaking pools, an outdoor sauna, shower, and changing rooms. These amenities provide a perfect way to unwind and soak in the scenic mountain views.

Improved Parking

Parking expansions were necessary to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Between 2021 and 2024, we added nearly 300 parking spaces, making access to the resort more convenient for day skiers and passholders.

Act 2 Additions to Look Forward to

Looking ahead, 2026 will bring a high-speed quad lift to the back mountain, making it easier to access some of the resort’s best terrain. This new lift will connect the base of Wildwood with the top of Red’s Lift, providing an exciting new way for skiers to explore and enjoy the mountain.

Our goal throughout all of Act 2 is to evolve thoughtfully, blending tradition with innovation to create a richer, more inclusive experience for all who visit. Whether you’re a long-time local or a first-time guest, each enhancement promises to make your time at Sundance unforgettable.