A skier descends a steep, snowy slope with a cloud of powder trailing behind, surrounded by rugged, snow-covered mountains under a cloudy sky.

Sundance x Steven Nyman

Celebrating the Career of a True Hometown Hero

Over the years, Sundance Mountain Resort has had the privilege of being a nurturing ground for many stories, passions, and dreams. Among these, the journey of Steven Nyman, who was recently named one of the 50 Most Interesting Athletes, may be one of our best testaments to the enduring partnership between mountain athletes and our beloved landscape. From his formative years spent exploring the woods and slopes to his illustrious skiing career and recent retirement, Steven Nyman’s story is woven intricately with the fabric of Sundance’s ethos.

Raised and Nurtured by the Mountain

Nyman’s journey as a skier and a competitor was seeded during his childhood spent in the embrace of Sundance. Growing up in Provo Canyon, his family’s decision to move from the suburbs to the idyllic landscape of Sundance was a life-changing one. With his father Scott overseeing the Sundance Ski School, and his mother Becky imparting the art of skiing to him and his brothers, the Nyman family formed an intimate bond with the mountain. Sundance became their backyard playground, and the slopes served as the canvas on which Steven’s passion for skiing was painted. The decision to immerse themselves in the serenity of the canyon proved pivotal in nurturing Nyman’s career, allowing him to flourish and eventually excel on the global stage.

Among the qualities that set Steven Nyman apart was his unrelenting competitive spirit. While his brothers were his first rivals, it was his determination to conquer new challenges that marked his skiing career. From a young age, Nyman displayed a distaste for losing, a quality that would propel him to great heights in the world of skiing. This relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a love for speed, became the foundation upon which his career was built.

From Sundance Slopes to Soaring Heights

Nyman’s skiing journey was not just about personal accomplishments; it was a testament to his tireless passion for the sport. Standing at an impressive 6’4″ and racing at around 220 lbs, Nyman defied expectations and norms, showcasing his physical prowess and determination on the slopes. His journey took him to competitions all over the world, including earning him the status of an Olympian. 

A three-time Olympian, Nyman’s participation in the Winter Games reflects his consistent excellence on the global stage. With multiple victories representing the U.S. Ski Team on the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup circuit, including impressive wins in renowned venues like Val Gardena, Lake Louise, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Nyman’s mastery of downhill and super-G disciplines is evident. 

His 11 World Cup podium finishes and numerous top-10 rankings underscore his resilience and competitiveness. Despite facing setbacks and overcoming significant injuries, his comebacks exemplify his remarkable dedication to the sport. As a role model and mentor, Nyman’s influence extends beyond the slopes, inspiring aspiring athletes with his sportsmanship and commitment. 

What truly sets Nyman apart is his decision to retire recently, a move that defies conventional timelines. Most of his peers retired years ago due to the physical toll of ski racing, but Nyman’s unwavering dedication and resilience carried him through, a testament to his deeply rooted competitive spirit.

Retirement and Beyond

Although Steven Nyman retired from competitive skiing, his love for the slopes and his connection with Sundance remain unwavering. Even with the experiences of an Olympian and the ability to ski across the world, Nyman still holds a special place for Sundance in his heart. His intention to spend as much time as possible on the slopes, teaching his daughters to ski, exemplifies the multi-generational impact of his journey. Sundance’s role in Nyman’s life isn’t just a chapter; it’s an ongoing partnership that continues to thrive.

As Nyman moves into a new chapter of his life, Sundance stands as a steadfast companion, a sanctuary where his love for skiing and his enduring connection with the mountains will forever flourish. The union between this remarkable athlete and the majestic slopes of Sundance is a tribute to the power of shared values, family bonds, and a love for the extraordinary – and we look forward to continuing our ongoing sponsorship and partnership with Steven in his retirement!