Body Treatments

Inspired by the elements experience one of our unique body treatments, focused on your immediate needs.

Spirit of the Mountains Hydration

A dry brush massage stimulates lymphatic circulation, detoxifies and prepares the skin for better absorption of rich, nourishing oils. A full body massage rehydrates the body, and a relaxation cocoon allows for deep rest – an excellent reprieve for the nervous system and parched skin.

Duration 60/90 minutes, Price $140/$190

Herb Garden Body Renewal

Attune to the rhythms of nature with an herbal exfoliation featuring garden and seasonally selected herbs. A massage with complementary essential oils provides healing benefits and helps the body to balance throughout the year.

Duration 60/90 minutes, Price $140/$190

Gemstone Aromatherapy & Energy Balancing Massage

Melt away tension and stress with a massage using gemstones aromatherapy & energy balancing that relax the muscles and invigorate the senses.

Duration 90 minutes, Price $200

Sage and Sweet Grass Ritual

This purifying ritual begins with smudging, dry brushing and mud application to increase circulation, followed by a full body wrap, scalp massage and 30-minute body rehydration and massage with our Mountain Sage Signature Oil.

Duration 90 minutes, Price $190