The needs of our bodies fluctuate with the changing seasons. Our customized massages are designed to help maintain balance and wellness throughout the year.

Mountain Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy has long been used to promote physical healing and reconnect with nature. It helps your body melt away tension and recharge for another day in the mountains.

Duration 60/90 minutes,  Price $140/$190

Gemstone Aromatherapy Energy-Balancing Massage

A deeply relaxing and subtle energy-balancing massage and body treatment where energy imbalances are gently and magically brought into alignment. The experience of organic aromas, and four distinctive gemstone-energized and herb infused oils-purify, soothe, and naturally oxygenate tissues to support overall balance in body and mind.

Duration 90 minutes,  Price $150/$200

Four Winds Massage

The needs of our bodies fluctuate with the changing seasons. Connect to the inspiration of nature and the healing power of the elements with this deeply relaxing and grounding treatment. This customized massage is designed to help maintain Balance and wellness throughout the year.

Duration 60/90 minutes,  Price $130/$180

Deep Tissue Sports Recovery Massage

For those who have regular bodywork and are physically active, restore and renew with this firm, deep pressure Massage that utilizes advanced structural techniques. Relieve sore muscles and stiff joints.

Duration 60/90 minutes,  Price $140/$190

River Flow Massage

A flowing, rhythmic massage assists in releasing energy blockages and holding patterns in the muscle tissue, helping to realign the body and balance the whole being.

Duration 60/90 minutes,  Price $130/$180

CBD Oil Massage

For those who are physically active, restore and renew with this deep pressure massage that utilizes CBD oil for recovery
And relief.

Duration 60/90 minutes,  Price $150/$200

Time Together Massage (Couples)

Quality time together begins with a relaxing rose petal foot soak followed by synchronized massages featuring our Loving Oil to open the heart and nurture your special connection to one another.

Duration 60/90 minutes, Price $280/$380 per couple

In-Room Massage

Duration 60/90 minutes, Price $195/$265