Two individuals shaping bowls on potters wheels.

Pottery Class

Feel clay take shape beneath your fingers in an Art Studio Pottery class. Make and glaze your own wheel-thrown or hand-built pieces. Sundance master potters will fire your creation and send it along to you in a few weeks. Instruction is geared toward all levels.

A man with a beard and a cap shaping clay on a pottery wheel in a workshop. he appears focused and engaged in his craft.

Instructor – Tim Rencher

I enjoyed art from a young age and gravitated towards pottery through my first experiences with clay, which was a basic high school class that I instantly took to. I’ve been specializing in wheel thrown pottery ever since. I have had the pleasure of teaching at Sundance for almost 20 years where I get to focus on helping others discover pottery for the first time and how much fun it can be. Sundance has always been one of the most beautiful and inspirational places there is for me, to teach and make art for the resort has allowed me to do what I enjoy and to do it in one of my favorite places.