Handmade green soaps garnished with dried herbs, displayed on a wooden plank in a cozy, warmly lit art studio.

Soap Making Class

See and smell the unique Sundance soaps take form in our soap making class. Learn about the ingredients used and choose different essential oils and botanicals to create and take home your own Sundance creation.

A woman in a plaid shirt and apron works attentively on a soap making project in an art studio, her hands molding clay, with tools and pots around her.

Instructor – Annie Farley

I have worked for Sundance for 5+ years. I teach Painting and Drawing, Soap Making and Journal Making. I have always loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I have a BFA in Painting and Drawing from UVU. I love working in such a beautiful setting with amazing people. Much of my references for my work are shot at the resort. I try to showcase the beauty that is Sundance.