The autumn sun peeks through the clouds over the Sundance mountain bike trail.

Lost & Found

At Sundance Mountain Resort, we are committed to reuniting guests with their lost belongings. Our Lost & Found service covers all items lost on the resort property, including lodging units, restaurants, winter & summer trail systems, and conference areas.

Boomerang Lost & Found System

We utilize the Boomerang Lost & Found system to efficiently manage and return lost items. To report or inquire about a lost item, please click on the “Report a Lost Item” button below.

How It Works

  1. Report a Lost Item: Complete the form using the link provided.
  2. Email Notification: Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Boomerang with further instructions.
  3. Safety Office Follow-Up: Our Safety Office staff are notified and may follow up for additional assistance.

Retrieving Your Item

Once we find a missing item, guests have two options available for retrieving their item:

In-Person Pickup: If your item is found, you can pick it up at the Safety Office located in Parking Lot E.

Shipping Option: We can arrange to have the item shipped to you at your expense.

Holding Period

In accordance with Utah State Law, Sundance Mountain Resort will hold found items for a maximum of 30 days.

For further assistance, please contact our Safety Office. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.