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Visiting Artist: Colby Sanford

December 10 @ 12:00 pm 5:00 pm

Enjoy a live demonstration from visiting artist, Colby Sanford, in the art studio. From the artist:

“Like sweeping the floor or doing the dishes, painting is a daily, meditative act that allows me to better live and appreciate my everyday life. It is between the strands of my wife’s hair when electrified in late afternoon light, or nestled deep in the knit stitch of my daughter’s faded periwinkle blanket that I find my brightest moments of inspiration.”

“Colby A. Sanford is a figurative realist painter with a heart for finding poetry in the prosaic. Growing up in an unconventional home, he was encouraged to paint on the walls of his bedroom and later lived in a yurt. His most precious moments are spent at home with his wife and two daughters, often baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Working in a restricted acrylic paint palette, Sanford is able to highlight beauty in the mundane. Many works are paired with short-form poetry that serves to further parse extraordinaries from the commonplace of everyday life.