Stunning view of the fall color changes in the Utah mountains.

Embrace the Season at the Sundance Harvest Market

A Celebration of Art, Nature, and Community

As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, the Sundance Harvest Market emerges as a cherished tradition, celebrating the bounty of the season for over two decades. This year, on September 23-24, we invite you to join us in the heart of Utah’s stunning landscape for a remarkable weekend filled with art, nature, and community.

Harvesting Joy for Over 20 Years

Since its inception in 2001, the Harvest Market has been a beacon of festivity, embodying the essence of the harvest season. It’s not just a market; it’s an enchanting celebration of nature’s beauty and human creativity. This year, we’ve curated a selection of hand-picked vendors, each offering unique treasures that will make your visit unforgettable.

You’ll find a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, from Native handmade cloth dolls to canvas backpacks and children’s toys, our vendors infuse their creations with love and craftsmanship. Dive into the world of fine art landscape photography prints that capture the essence of Utah’s breathtaking scenery. And if you’re in the market for eco-friendly home goods, our small batch offerings are perfect for sustainable living.

Feast Your Senses

The heart of any harvest celebration is the abundance of food, and the Sundance Harvest Market delivers. Local orchard growers will satisfy your taste buds with freshly baked goods, freeze-dried fruits, and naturally flavored candies. Discover a world of pottery, including wheel-thrown stoneware, porcelain ceramics, dishes, vases, lamps, and more. And don’t forget to indulge in the cozy ambiance of hand-poured soy wax candles!

Of course, an indulgence of the senses would not be complete without a delectable barbecue feast. Head to the Lookout between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. for a mouthwatering experience. Sink your teeth into juicy burgers, veggie burgers, marinated chicken, bratwursts, and barbecue pork ribs. Complement your meal with green salad, fresh fruit salad, classic potato salad, brown sugar baked beans, ranch-seasoned wedge fries, and an array of cookies for dessert. 

While you savor your meal, let the live music serenade your senses. Local musicians and talents from across the West will perform from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days, creating the perfect backdrop for your Utah fall activities. The melodies will elevate your spirits as you soak in the picturesque autumnal hues surrounding Sundance!

Art, Nature, and Community

The Sundance Harvest Market embodies the values upon which Sundance was founded: art, nature, and community. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a reflection of our commitment to these ideals. As you visit our market, breathe in the fresh mountain air, marvel at the changing colors of the trees, and connect with your community. Celebrate the harvest season and the shifting of seasons with us, and let the magic of the Harvest Market fill your heart with warmth and wonder.

Experience the best of Utah fall activities, indulge in culinary delights, find unique treasures, and be serenaded by live music amidst the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds us. It’s a celebration of art, nature, and community that you won’t want to miss. See you at the Harvest Market!