Sundance Resort Journal

Sunny day on the slopes with two new snowboarders listening to their instructor.

Sundance Ski Lessons

There's no better place to sharpen your skiing and snowboarding skills than Sundance! With a range of programs endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America Association (PSIA) and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI), Sundance offers an array of opportunities for all ages and abilities to improve their technique while enjoying uncrowded slopes and incredible views.
Five skiers enjoy the breathtaking views and good company at the top of the mountain.

The Countdown to Ski Season is On

The snow has already begun falling in the mountains, and all eyes are fixed on the fast approaching December 2nd opening day at Sundance. Whether you’re a seasoned Sundance enthusiast or a first timer on the mountain, you won’t want to miss what’s in store for season pass holders this year! Sundance Season Passes are your golden ticket to experiencing the best skiing in Utah. Sundance Mountain Resort has always been renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, outstanding terrain, and commitment to delivering an exceptional skiing and snowboarding experience. This season, we’re taking it up a notch. Here's a sneak peek at what's new and exciting for the ‘23-24 season!
Jerry Warren navigating the ski slopes at Sundance Resort.

Celebrating a Sundance Hero

Jerry showed up to his first day at Sundance (Timp Haven at the time) in 1968 wearing skis that were too long and boots that were too small. Nothing could stop him from navigating (and eventually mastering) the slopes though. Once he got the hang of things (and the right size of boots and skis), he went on to become a professional ski instructor. Throughout his 50+ year career, Jerry served in several other capacities including Sundance’s Director of Mountain Operations, and was the first Assistant Director of Snowbird’s ski school when the resort opened in 1971. Today we honor the decades of impact he made not just on the Sundance community, but on the ski industry as a whole, as we wish him a happy (and very well earned) retirement.
Ski lift nestled between the mountains at Sundance Resort.

Skiing Sundance Over the Years

Backed up against 12,000ft Mount Timpanogos, visitors will be hard pressed to find a more stunning natural setting than Sundance. Thoughtful design that keeps the natural scenery at the forefront of our guests' experience sets Sundance apart from other ski areas that are more geared towards development than nature.
A family of skiers walking away from the ski lift holding all of their equipment.

Ship Skis to Sundance Resort

Sundance Resort is excited to partner with Ship Skis to offer stress-free shipping of your skis to the Resort ahead of time. Don't waste time at the airport - ship with Ship Skis — the most convenient and affordable door-to-door shipping service for your ski equipment and luggage. Unlike the airlines, Ship Skis provides a hassle-free travel experience backed by an on-time guarantee. You can even save on your car rental costs by traveling light.
Gorgeous snow-covered view on the slopes of Sundance Mountain Resort.

New Terrain This Season

With 5 beginner runs, 4 intermediate runs, and 1 advanced run, there’s new Sundance Resort ski terrain for every level of experience this season. Access our 10 new runs via a 7 minute ride up our brand new Wildwood lift at the top of Jake’s. The new terrain sits on a south-facing portion of the mountain, so it’s a great place to ski in the mornings if you’re looking to stay warm!
Man skiing between the trees down a snow covered mountain.

Season Passes at Sundance

Ski all season long, any day, as many times as you want – the power is in your hands to write your Sundance story. Our RFID enabled passes get you on the slopes as efficiently and smoothly as possible, so you can worry less about fumbling through your pockets and more about that perfect moment of silence when you sit on the lift and are carried up the mountain to the blissful adventure that follows.
Four cheerful skiers in colorful winter gear walking down wooden stairs together, holding skis and poles, with a ski resort building in the background.

Introducing the Sundance S-Card

Winter is coming, and it’s time to start planning your adventures to Sundance for fresh powder, clean air, and stunning views. With 50 runs across 500 acres of mountain, there is exciting terrain for every level of experience at Sundance Mountain Resort.