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Sundance ZipTour


Soar Above Sundance: The Sundance ZipTour 

Experience Sundance Mountain Resort and the breathtaking views of Mount Timpanogos from the sky! The Sundance ZipTour is one of the most exciting and scenic zip tours in the world, boasting over 2,100 feet of vertical drop — the most of any zip line tour in the United States. Guests can ride side-by-side on the zip line's double cables and control their speed, cruising over 65 miles per hour, or stopping mid-air for a scenic photograph. 

To book over the phone, please call 844-ZIP-TOUR (844-947-8687).
For large groups, please call our office to check pricing and availability.

Bearclaw Tour • $99

  • Includes all 4 spans: Ray’s, Bishop’s, Flathead and Outlaw, plus the training span
  • Plus two scenic chairlift rides on Ray’s and Arrowhead Lifts
  • Nearly 2 miles of zip lining

Maverick Tour • $69

  • Includes Ray’s and Outlaw spans, plus the training span; 4,907 feet of soaring!
  • Plus a scenic chairlift ride on Ray’s Lift

Sunrise Tour • $175

  • Includes all 4 spans: Ray’s, Bishop’s, Flathead and Outlaw, plus the training span
  • Plus two scenic chairlift rides on Ray’s and Arrowhead Lifts
  • Nearly 2 miles of zip lining

Sunset Tour • $175

  • Includes all 4 spans: Ray’s, Bishop’s, Flathead and Outlaw, plus the training span
  • Scenic off-road ride to Bearclaw Summit
  • Available only at 6 p.m.

Full Moon Tour • $49

  • Includes Outlaw Span
  • Plus Full Moon Lift ride on Ray's Lift.
  • Available only on select dates

Halloween Tour • $49

  • Includes Demo and Outlaw spans
  • Plus a Halloween Lift Ride
  • Available only on select dates: October 23-31

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Rider Requirements

For the safety of our guests, riders must be at least 10 years old, weigh between 50 and 260 pounds, and be between 4' and 6'10" tall. Riders may be weighed and measured at check-in. Closed toed shoes are required.

Ages 10-15: Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Ages 16-17: Must have a parent sign a waiver, completed online or in person.

Fill out and submit waiver here

All Riders: Must be able to walk 1/3 mile with a 10 pound backpack.

Two column zip

ZipTour Quick Facts

Total Distance: Nearly 2 miles long (3rd longest in USA)

Total Vertical Drop: 2,100 ft, most vertical drop of any Zip Line Tour in USA

# of Zip Line Spans: 4 plus a training span, with an option to experience just 3 or all 4 spans

# of Lines Per Span: 2, allowing riders to cruise on separate lines side-by-side

Longest Span: Outlaw span at 3,871 feet long (6th longest span in USA)

Highest Point: Flathead span tops out at nearly 500 feet off the ground

Total Tour Time: Approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the tour

Trolley: A unique, patented mechanism each rider has allowing them to control their speed of descent 

Span Lengths:
Demo Zip Line:   100 ft
Ray's Zip Line:   936 ft
Bishop's Zip Line:   2,341 ft
Flathead Zip Line:   2,581 ft
Outlaw Zip Line:   3,871 ft

ZipTour Frequently Asked Questions

ZipTour Testimonials


"There are a total of 4 descents on the Sundance ZipTour. Each one is exhilarating and gorgeous. I loved each one and can’t wait to return.

Remember to look around at the endless views that are inspiring to say the least. I particularly enjoyed the final leg to the base of the ride and resort. Descending though the trees allows you to have a benchmark at the speed you can achieve (if you want to).

The Sundance ZipTour is an example of the magic that happens when man and nature work as one, and provides an experience not to be missed."



"The ZipTour experience at Sundance is one-of-a-kind. During the ride up the scenic chair, anticipation builds as you look out over jaw-dropping scenery. I didn’t know if I should be nervous for the ride or thrilled with the beauty as I looked over the pristine landscape. 

As I controlled my own zip trolley down the first main ride I was overcome with different sensations – all of them good. I may have screamed with delight! After the second exhilarating zip and chair up to the top I was rewarded with views toward Utah Lake and Deer Creek. It felt like standing on top of the world. 

The finale with treetops rushing by at 60 mph pushed the adrenaline up and gave great perspective on the fast and fun of the ZipTour. Awesome adventure – I can’t wait to do it again!"




8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, Utah 84604

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