Sundance Resort Journal

A scenic view of a lush green mountainous landscape with dense forests and scattered houses in a valley. The mountain peaks rise in the background under a clear, blue sky.

All About Act2: All The Mountain’s a Stage

Marked by rich history and connection to its land and community, the mountain has always been a stage for the Sundance story to unfold. It started with the Ute people, evolved through the Stewart family homestead, and blossomed under Robert Redford’s vision of minimal development and extensive conservation. Today, the resort continues to thrive as we honor its legacy while making thoughtful improvements. Our next chapter, Act 2, is a blend of maintaining the cherished traditions and introducing enhancements that enrich the Sundance experience. Looking ahead, 2026 will bring a high-speed quad lift to the back mountain, making it easier to access some of the resort’s best terrain. This new lift will connect the base of Wildwood with the top of Red’s Lift, providing an exciting new way for skiers to explore and enjoy the mountain. Our goal throughout all of Act 2 is to evolve thoughtfully, blending tradition with innovation to create a richer, more inclusive experience for all who visit. Whether you’re a long-time local or a first-time guest, each enhancement promises to make your time at Sundance unforgettable.