The S-Card

The only way to get discounted rates on ski/snowboard lift tickets at Sundance, without buying a season pass. Initial purchase of $109 includes one day of skiing. Reload Fri-Sat & holidays for $99, mid-week for $69. Save $50-$60 each time. New this year, S-Card holders can night ski for $50 ($9 savings). Must purchase by Dec 2nd.

Buy once. Reload anytime.

The great thing about the S-Card is that you only have to buy it once. Subsequent visits are auto-charged at the discounted rate.

Direct to lift.

With integrated RFID technology, you can skip the ticketing line and go straight to the lift.

RFID chip means you can leave your pass in your pocket

Buy online and skip the ticketing line

One time fee, reloads automatically

Flexibility + value.

Not sure how many times you’ll visit this season? Buy an S-Card and you’re guaranteed discounted days without buying a Season Pass.