Sundance Resort Journal

Clear cloudy day above a snow dusted forest with tall mountains in the background.

Earth Advocates Year Round:

While Earth Day is universally celebrated every April 22, proactively caring for our surrounding environment is a high priority at Sundance Resort 365 days a year — in fact, conservation is the reason Sundance was founded on these lands.Robert Redford’s original vision when constructing the area was “to develop a little and preserve a great deal.” The Resort has a long-standing commitment to green policies, dating back to the original purchase in 1969 to protect the canyon from potential over-development. Today, Sundance’s purpose is the same. We are continually updating and implementing new strategies to best care for the land, staying at the forefront of environmental stewardship and conservation.

Outlaw Hideout Snow Bar

Come and experience a unique one-of-a-kind outdoor snowbar on the mountain! The Snowbar will be open from 2 – 8 pm on Saturday, February 24th and March 9th. The…