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Real Estate at Sundance

Rustic Elegance at Sundance

At Sundance, it’s all about the story, and we’re here to help you find the property you’re looking for to create life-long memories. We’re excited to welcome you to the mountain.

About Trieste Wilde – Real Estate Specialist at Sundance Mountain Resort

Trieste Wilde is a native Utahn and owner of Unique Utah Homes. From a young age she was enamored with the beautiful landscape of the state and learned to ski at Sundance Mountain Resort.

A licensed real estate broker and consultant, Trieste has been involved in real estate for more than 20 years. Her prior work took her to the East coast where she spent a decade in North Carolina and D.C.

Trieste returned to Utah and the mountains and moved to the Sundance area in 2006, and it never ceases to delight and amaze her. The winter wonderland offers world-renowned skiing, and summer includes hiking, horseback rides and road trips to Utah amazing National and State parks. As a long-time resident of the area, Trieste has a specialized understanding of Sundance and its surrounding mountain neighborhoods.

Trieste created Unique Utah Homes with the ongoing goal of providing the highest level of service to buyers and sellers of distinctive properties throughout the State.

In addition to traditional real estate, Trieste has completed several extensive renovations and additions, combining her unique creativity with reclaimed materials and the natural beauty of mountain homes. She is an artist at heart and also enjoys painting when she has time.

Trieste combines stunning mountain views with traditional architecture and furnishings

Trieste has worked with countless satisfied clients from around the world, and her team creates a comfortable, low-pressure environment for all, regardless of property type or price. Unique Utah Homes welcomes everyone with open arms, and Trieste is generally available 7 days a week. Please don’t hesitate to call with any inquiries or for friendly, expert real estate advice.

Why Own at Sundance

  • In general, Sundance properties are available at more reasonable price points than comparable properties at other resorts.
  • Because of the limited quantity of homes, property owners will never be subjected to the hustle and bustle of larger mountain resorts. In addition, several thousand acres around the Resort sit in protective easements established by Robert Redford and can never be developed.
  • Sundance Mountain Resort offers a wonderful “village” environment with its own unique style that blends high-end leisure with nature. There are no tall, overpowering buildings or chain restaurants.
  • The Resort maintains a focus on environmental protection and conservation, including green initiatives and sustainable operations.
  • Regardless of your outdoor experience, Sundance offers year-round activities: skiing, fly fishing, hiking, outdoor theatre, concerts, dining and more.

Sundance as a Rental Investment

On average, Sundance properties earn higher annual rental incomes than comparable mountain properties in Utah. While other areas experience steep rental drop-offs in non-ski months, Sundance has a strong year-round presence with high traffic throughout Summer and Fall.

Those who rent properties through the Resort can take advantage of generous and creative benefits, including discounts in outlets and activities, special priority packages for events, and outstanding complimentary access to mountain activities throughout the year.

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