Sundance Mountain Resort visitor returns from a mountain biking adventure in spring.

Mountain Biking at Sundance

Over 25 Miles of Downhill Thrills

Join us on the mountain for over 25 miles of lift-serviced trails! Mountain biking at Sundance has traditionally been best suited for intermediate or experienced riders, but we are pleased to announce that we’ve added novice trails to the Sundance mountain biking experience this year. While not recommended for total beginners, our new novice trails are well suited for anyone who has gone mountain biking before and feels comfortable on a bike.

 Terrain for All Levels of Experience

Both seasoned riders looking for a new thrill and newcomers who have only been on the trail a handful of times will find terrain perfect for their skill level. All riders can access our trails via the Outlaw Express at the base of the mountain. For novice routes, riders take the Outlaw Express to Midway and take the trail back down to the base. Intermediate, advanced, and expert riders continue on the Outlaw Express to Mandan Summit to access the rest of the bike trails. All levels of mountain biking at Sundance lead you through exciting landscapes and breathtaking vistas!

 Flow Trails Now Open

We are excited to have added flow trails to our mountain biking adventure this season! Until now, single-track mountain biking has been the only option when riding at Sundance. Resort visitors can now enjoy wide open spaces and more predictable, consistent terrain on our new flow trails. Our novice trail is called Mandan Lower Flow Trail, and the advanced trail is called Mandan Upper Flow Trail. Ask about access to these new mountain bike experiences when you come up for a ride!

Flow trails are a great place for novice riders to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking. The absence of rough, rocky terrain helps riders conquer the basics and build the confidence needed to tackle tougher routes. A flow trail is built to help you keep momentum with minimal strenuous pedaling, so you can enjoy the natural flow of the landscape as you wind down the mountain.

Even experienced riders enjoy the excitement of the bermed turns, rollers and jumps along a good flow trail. You control your own speed and intensity. Make your ride what you want – a high-speed thrill or a “go with the flow” adventure with plenty of stunning scenery. We are thrilled these new adventures for our mountain biking enthusiasts are now open!

Open Every Day

Riders staying at the resort or commuting up to the mountain locally can enjoy our mountain bike trails seven days a week during the summer season. Our lift operating hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Bike rentals are also available for guests staying at the resort, or for riders who just want to try out the latest technology. We strongly recommend reserving your rental ahead of time to ensure availability.

Enjoy a full day of mountain biking at Sundance for $45. Summer season passes are also available for $299 — an incredible value for local riders who plan to spend more time on the mountain during the summer season. Purchase your tickets online today.

Planning to join us for a ride soon? Check out our mountain safety information to get the most out of your Sundance mountain bike experience! We can’t wait to see you.