Visiting Artist – Briar West

Sunday, January 20th - 03:52:55 pm
Sundance Art Studio, 8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, 84604 UT

Born and raised in Southern California, Briar grew up near the ocean and spent much of her childhood in the water. There’s no coincidence that her love of water can be felt in her art. She moved to Salt Lake City to attend college and later graduated in Health Science. She later co-founded The Mandate Press, a letterpress printing company, while raising her young family. What began as a hobby has quickly become a passion that has taken over, not only her studio, but her heart and mind as well.

Artist Statement:

Finding Beauty in Chaos

Some people work from a place of Organized Chaos, while others from a place of Chaotic Organization.Oftentimes I find myself operating from a place of Chaotic Chaos. I have learned to see the beauty in that chaos; in the unexpected and the unexplained. My art is a reflection of who I have become and the surrender that has come from practice and patience. It’s not always pretty; sometimes it’s a total mess. But that is where the surrender comes in – and the total thrill when it all does come together.

Fluid art reinforces what life continues to teach me:

  • Every piece is different.
  • No piece can ever be recreated.
  • And that’s a beautiful thing.

More of Briar’s work can be found on her website or Instagram.