T.L. Salisbury Artist Workshop & Dinner

Thursday, November 15th - 07:58:33 am
Sundance Art Studio, 8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, 84604 UT

Following T.L Salisbury’s trunk show July 7, a workshop and dinner will be held in the Art Studio and Foundry Grill. Dinner will be the group together at the Foundry Grill at 5:30, following by instruction in the studio with T.L. to make your own silver stamped cuff.

Space is limited to 7 people to preserve the intimacy of the occasion and the facilitate personalize instruction. T.L. has deep Sundance roots and started her passion for jewelry making in the Sundance Art Studio.

July 7, 5:30 p.m.

You can see T.L.’s work on her website, dancingbluestone.com.