State Downhill Mt. Bike Race

Sunday, April 22nd - 08:06:07 pm
Sundance, 8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, 84604 Utah

Join us for a weekend of thrills and spills at the Utah Downhill Race June 3. Whether you race it or watch it, this weekend is packed with adrenaline. Sure to be a favorite on the tour, Sundance hosts the best Downhill Racers in the region as they compete for the title of Utah State Downhill Champion.

When: June 3
Sunday: The Downhill Race will start at 11 a.m.

More Information

The majority of biking trails will be closed during the event. Day guests can take Rays lift up to midway and access the Upper and Lower Lift Line Trail, as well as Center Isle. All other bike trails will be closed until the race concludes.