Redford Center Film: The Happening

Tuesday, November 13th - 07:52:41 am

A Message From Robert Redford and the Redford Center

My son James and I started The Redford Center: a non-profit organization set up to harnesses the power of documentary films and impact campaigns to help make the world a better place.

About four years ago The Redford Center set out to do something about climate change. We felt that the pervasive, apocalyptic climate story we were hearing was helping create urgency and awareness of the climate problem but it was not moving enough people into action. This is why we created The Happening Project, to make sure people are also hearing climate solutions stories and progress stories, understanding where they fit in, and making sure they know that their actions do matter and that they will be in good company if they get inspired to get involved.

At the center of The Happening Project is the latest Redford Center film, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution, that James is directing and starring in. It will air on HBO starting December 11, 2017 … It is our most ambitious project and is a direct response to the climate crisis—answering the questions: What can we do? Where is the hope?