Mountain Mindfulness Spa Retreat

Friday, December 6th - 07:52:43 am
Sundance, 8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, 84604 Utah

Explore and experience mindful living in this day-long retreat. Join Vicki Overfelt, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher, and Brent Burnham, RYT, for a special day-long immersion in mindful living. Begin your day with an exploration of sitting meditation and restorative yoga. Follow this with a chair-lift ride to the summit where you will take in the spectacular views and enjoy a delicious lunch at Bearclaw Cabin. Your mindful exploration will continue with a guided hike and moving meditation instruction on the Sundance trails. Let the beauty of the day soak in with a visit to the Spa, a horseback ride, or a take in a scenic view while enjoying a zip tour ride.

July 27, 9:00 am – 6:00 p.m.


Call to book: 801.223.4270