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Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

The Spa at Sundance is a nature-inspired Eco-spa where natural surroundings and Native American influences provide a complete wellness menu to restore your peaceful inner balance.

In the seven natural-wood, softly-lit treatment rooms of our eco-friendly building, we blend Native American traditions, totally natural products and the human touch to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

The Spa at Sundance offers private, in-room spa treatments and customized spa packages for both groups and individuals. 

“Our goal at the Spa at Sundance is to unify nature with the body and soul, as defined by the Native American concept of the Four Winds. The four directions of the earth bond with the four seasons, the cycles of life, and our physical being, which brings clarity to our connection with the universe.”

Advanced booking is suggested to ensure that you get the appointment times you desire. Please call our experienced spa staff to help assist you in booking your appointments or for more information about our treatments, products, or to customize your experience.


Monday to Saturday:  9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Subject to seasonal changes. It is recommended that you call for reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

Off of Timphaven Road above the Sundance Village.

Massage and Body Treatments

Massage and Body Treatments

Four Winds Massage

This is your ultimate, personalized massage. Our licensed and experienced therapists will treat your personal needs using a variety of therapeutic bodywork techniques, known as Integrative Massage. This massage is designed to relieve aching muscles and promote a meditative and relaxing state.

Prenatal massage available upon request.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $120/$170

Sundance Stone Massage
Our signature massage combines the experiences of healing human touch and warm stone therapy to bring the body into harmony with nature and to melt away tension. This is not only a treatment, but it is also a journey.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $130/$180

Deep Tissue Massage
Firm pressure and slower, more intense strokes are the trademarks of this highly therapeutic technique focusing on the relief of chronic patterns of tension that create painful conditions and structural misalignment.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $130/$180

Herbal Poultice Hot Therapy Massage
Delight all five senses with the power of Mother Nature’s purest healers. In this specialized treatment four steamed muslin bags filled with lavender, chamomile, and calendula are the tools that bring a deeper sense of awareness to the entire being. First, warm oil is lightly massaged into the skin, then the poultice balls are used in a series of stokes and compressions meant to encourage lymphatic drainage and a total feeling of relaxation.

Duration 60 minute service | Price $140

Aromatherapy Massage
Enjoy the benefits and a healing power of our Aromatherapy Massage. This unique and customized treatment helps to relax, balance and harmonize your body and calm your mind. A truly one-of-a-kind rejuvenating experience.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $130/$180

Based on ancient forms of pressure point therapy, this service focuses on stimulation and release of different points and zones of your body by addressing your feet, hands, and head.

Duration 30 minute service | Price as a standalone: $80 | As an add-on: $70

Head Release
This treatment is wholly focused on the traditional centers of stress, the shoulders, neck, face, and scalp. Using techniques specific for the release of these tight areas our talented therapists help you to achieve relief and get you closer to having a clear and focused mind. This may include, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral work, stretching, and acupressure. This also can be added to any treatment as a compliment to your healing experience.

Duration: 30 minute service
Price as a standalone: $80
| As an add-on: $70 | With Lavender/Lemon Scalp Treatment  $105

Couples Massage
What's better than a massage? A massage with your partner next to you. Our couple’s massage is a wonderful bonding experience and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $130/$180

Kid’s Menu
The Younger Set Menu below is for ages 9-15. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Just Right Massage
Whether you are already spa savvy or trying it for the very first time, enjoy this relaxing half hour signature session that will make you feel calm and happy.

Duration 30 minute service | Price $60

Little Feet Refresher
It is highly important for little feet to run, jump, and play so treat those little feet to a half hour of rejuvenation and massage. This treatment is done in our nail care area where the environment is inclusive and comfortable. It includes an exfoliating sugar scrub, warm towel wrap, and a gentle massage.

Duration 30 minute service | Price $45

Little Hand Repair
Whether digging in the dirt or swinging on a swing little hands take a beating. Teach them young to care for their most important tools. Thirty minutes is all it takes to refresh the skin and pass on the importance of simple nail care. This includes a gentle exfoliation, a hydrating massage, and basic nail care and paint.

Duration 30 minute service | Price $45

Bright Cheeks Mini Facial
This is a basic cleansing and hydrating facial meant to help young skin stay bright. The time spent in the facial not only feels fantastic but can also be the beginning of a life long love of proper skin care.

Duration 30 minute service | Price $60

Body Treatments

Sage & Sweet Grass Ritual
The aromatic, healing herbs of Sage & Sweet Grass are used throughout this treatment, including a Great Salt Lake Organic Mud body paint and Sage essential oil re-hydration. This purifying, energizing therapy begins with a dry body brushing and is enriched with the ritual Smudging of White Sage and Sweet Grass. This treatment truly is the best way to completely experience the Spa at Sundance. Sage, a powerful medicine and purifier, is burned as a protection against malevolent energies. It is used to establish a sacred boundary and to connect people with the spirit world. Braided Sweet Grass reminds us of Mother Earth. Its smoke is used to call blessings and send prayers to the Great Spirit. Sweet Grass is believed to carry the deep wisdom of the Earth.

Duration 90 minute service | Price $180

Warming Ginger Scrub
Native peoples from every continent utilize medicinal herbs. We've created an original body treatment using the ancient ginger root. Dry organic ginger root has been blended into organic sugar, and essential oils for full-body exfoliation. After a shower we will rehydrate you with the warming scent of ginger. This treatment is designed to heal seasoned and tired skin and increase circulation.

Duration 60 minute service | Price $135

Native Neroli Body Polish
Native Americans used the Neroli Flower (Orange Blossom) during ceremonies honoring a tribal member's rise to a state of higher being. We've incorporated this original scent into a therapy designed to recondition your entire body. Our therapists use a Citrus Body Polish for a full-body of exfoliation. After showering and re-hydration, your skin will have a luxurious, radiant glow.

Duration 60 minute service | Price $135

Honey & Cornmeal Body Wrap
In some native cultures, honey was used to cleanse the skin and purify the body after a spiritual journey called “Hanblecheyapi” (Han-Blay-cchay-yapee), also known as a Vision Quest. We’ve taken pure honey and blended it with ground cornmeal to exfoliate, detoxify and repair body and spirit. Your journey begins with a body dry brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation. The pure scrub, rich in vitamins and minerals is massaged onto your body. This indulgence concludes with a shower and a 10 minute body rehydration.

Duration 60 minute service | Price: $135

Facials and Beauty Treatments 

Facials and Beauty Treatments 

Sundance Signature Facial
Our signature 60 minute facial is completely customized to your specific skin needs. Starting with a lovely foot soak, your therapist will proceed with a full skin analysis to ensure that the products chosen will compliment your skin type. This includes a luxurious massage on your face, neck, scalp, shoulders, arms and hands. The Sundance Signature Facial will leave you feeling relaxed, revived and fully satisfied.

Duration: 60/90 minute service | Price $125/$175

Bring to Balance Anti-Aging Facial
This is a unique experience that will completely alter your view of skincare. Using only the best in skincare, the Spa at Sundance is proud to offer the Marie Veronique Organics® product line for its luxurious series of facials. The Bring to Balance Anti-Aging facial is a hydrating and firming facial that includes a thorough cleansing and mud mask to purge the skin of impurities and delivers powerful essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish the face and décolleté. It is designed to bring any skin type back into perfect balance by encouraging your body's own natural chemistry to do the work. This is the perfect choice for travel worn or sun damaged skin.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $125/$175

Mandan Herbal Skin Lightening Facial
Nature’s therapy for the rebirth of your skin! Using our organic Naturopathica skin care line, this facial treatment addresses your personal needs for the ultimate relaxing and pampering facial. Cleansing, toning, firming, and hydrating procedures are tailored for your specific skin type. Experience the ultimate combination of a therapeutic treatment and revitalizing journey. The customized nature of this facial makes it ideal for men and women whose skin is sun damaged and hyper-pigmented.

Duration 60/90 minute service | Price $125/$175

Mountain Spirit Stone Facial
Experience our ultimate facial, which combines healing herbs with warm river stones and the balancing Native American principles of the Four Directions. Skin tissue is revived with a combination of warm and cool stones, and individual energies are balanced by aligning key gemstones along fundamental energy pathways. A truly holistic treatment that centers, rejuvenates, and renews your connection with nature.

Duration 90 minute service | Price $180

Nail Care

Spa Manicure
Relax in an environment of soothing sounds and caring providers while you enjoy this complete hand and nail care service. Your manicure includes a refreshing hand soak, exfoliation, massage, and a warm paraffin wrap.

Duration 50 minute service | Price $65

Spa Pedicure
Enjoy a unique space and relaxing experience with our spa pedicure. This organic-based approach to your pedicure will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. It includes a soothing footbath, exfoliation, callous removal, massage, and complete nail and cuticle care.

Additional Services:

  • Shellac   $25
  • Paraffin Wrap $15
  • French Touch $10

Duration 50 minute service | Price $80

Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Seasonal Herbal Scrub Package

  • Body Polish and 60 minute massage
  • Body Polish and 90 minute massage

Duration: 90 minute service | Price $180

Sundance Indulgence Package

  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Massage
  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Facial

Duration 120 minute service | Price $230

Sundance Spa Retreat Package

  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Massage
  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Facial
  • 50 Minute Spa Pedicure

Duration 180 minute service | Price $300

Premium Indulgence Package

  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Massage
  • 60 minute Sundance Signature Facial
  • 50 minute Spa Pedicure
  • 50 minute Spa Manicure

Duration 240 minute service | Price $350

Package Amenities

  • Cheese and Crackers Plate
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Price $20 per amenity

Waxing Services

Waxing Services
  • Chin: $15
  • Lip: $15
  • Brow: $20
  • Underarms: $30
  • Arms (Half): $25
  • Arms (Full): $40
  • Legs (Half): $50
  • Legs (Full): $70
  • Toes: $10
  • Bikini: $40
  • Brazilian: $75

Men’s waxing prices available upon request

Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Morning Yoga at Sundance

Morning Yoga at Sundance class combines the most useful elements of Beginning and Advanced Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga leaving you feeling empowered and awake. It is designed to help you slowly stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints, release stress and gradually and comfortably bring back flexibility and balance. Our experienced instructors will guide you through your 60-minute yoga journey focusing on each student to give you the best attention and correction, suiting the class to meet your individual needs.

This 60-minute customized class is designed not only to build your foundational strength, purify your body and mind, reduce the stress, but also to create a friendly, supportive and attitude-free ‘Being Yoga’ atmosphere. Yoga, like our life, is about finding bliss and serenity in the moment.

*Kids 10 and up are welcome to join our Morning Yoga at Sundance class.

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Meet at the Front Desk Lobby between 7:45 a.m. - 7:55 a.m. Instructor will guide the class to the designated location for the day (Fitness Yurt, Tree Room library, or available meeting space).

Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Price: $20

Sundance Mindfulness Meditation

Let our experienced instructor show you how to discover the nature of our mind and begin to actualize its extraordinary potential for lasting happiness through the joyful and heart-opening path of compassion and wisdom. This 30-minute class is designed to strengthen your body, quiet your mind and bring your body, mind and spirit in harmony. During this class you will be guided through your meditation and be able to develop positive states of mind. Everyone is welcome regardless of belief, age or previous experience. Come and experience the incredible benefits of Sundance Mindfulness Meditation including reduced stress, better concentration, strengthened immune system and inner peace.

Type: Per appointment only

Time: 7:30 a.m.

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Meet at the Front Desk Lobby between 7:15 a.m. - 7:25 a.m. Instructor will guide class to designated location for the day (Fitness Yurt, Tree Room library, or available meeting space)

Days: Daily

Price: $15

Sacred Nature Walk

Our Nature Walk is the easiest and the most pleasurable way to refresh, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Stroll our beautiful grounds of Sundance, connect with a spirit of Mount Timpanogos, learn about Native American beliefs, clear your mind and observe what Mother Nature is offering. During this spiritual and holistic adventure, our knowledgeable and caring expert will guide you along your unique path to greater peace, balance and awareness using practices from Native American traditions as well as introduce you to the legend of Mount Timpanogos. Come and experience a physical and spiritual uplifting, the chirping of birds, the sound of the snow crunching under your snowshoes, a beauty of a fresh morning air, calm environment. Along with gaining mental peace and relaxing your mind, this guided morning walk will help you to improve circulation of blood, gives you fresh oxygen, reduce the level of stress and increase your energy level. Our 60 minutes Sacred Guided Morning Walk will teach you to discover, learn and connect with the land of Sundance.

Type: By appointment only. Call the Spa for more information

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $40 (includes snow shoe rental in winter)

Kid's Yoga

Yoga has many benefits both for adults and children alike. It builds strength, flexibility, relaxation, increases self awareness and cultivates focus and self confidence. Kids yoga introduces the asanas (physical poses) of yoga to children in a positive, fun, safe way. Yoga breathing techniques help with relaxation and give children tools they can use to deal with stress. Games and songs are introduced to help keep kids engaged and teach the material in a fun, kid friendly way.

Type: Per Appointment Only

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Duration: 50 minutes

Location: Fitness Yurt

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Price $20

Aromatherapy Yoga

There are many specific benefits to using essential oils as part of your yoga or meditation routine. Like yoga, the practice of aromatherapy helps to support the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy. or the use of essential oils, helps promote physical wellness, a more positive emotional state and mental clarity. Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance your yoga experience. Different herbal combinations, such as the essential oils used in Sundance Yoga and Spa, help bring balance and wellness to specific areas of your body and mind. By implementing one or more of these specific herbal combinations to your yoga practice, you help promote natural healing and awareness to one or more chakras (specific points in the body, that combined create life force or "prana") which may need attention, leaving you feeling both restored and energized throughout the day.

Type: Per appointment only

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Fitness Yurt

Days: Monday & Wednesday

Price: $20

Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat
Escape to Sundance Mountain Resort to enjoy a peaceful weekend of relaxation, healing and learning. Experience Aromatherapy Yoga. Enjoy one of a kind relaxing, balancing and harmonizing experience and the benefits and healing power of our customized Aromatherapy Massage. Guest speaker/nutritional educator Deanna Latson will teach you how to live healthy, sleep better, lose weight, increase your energy level, improve your mood and eliminate the symptoms of your medical conditions just by changing the food you put on your plate.


  • 3 days/2 nights in a Sundance Mountain Cottage
  • Lunch and Dinner at the Foundry Grill
  • 2 Yoga Sessions
  • Nature Walk
  • 3 hour seminar with workshop
  • Aromatherapy Massage 

Dates: November 7 - 9, 2014

Price: $895*

Reservations: 866.522.3876

*price per person based on double occupancy.

Wellness Experience Option

Join the Wellness Retreat for the three hour seminar and workshop with Deanna Latson as well as a vegan/organic dinner, specially prepared by executive chef David Mullen. At an additional cost you can add morning yoga, candlelight meditation and/or a guided nature walk.

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Price: $99 (includes Seminar and Dinner)

  • Yoga at 8:30 a.m. - $20
  • Guided Nature Walk at 10:00 a.m. - $40
  • Candlelight Meditation at 9:00 p.m. - $15

Reservations: 801.223.4270

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Spa at Sundance is located above the main base, nestled in the Mandan Cabins off of Timphaven Road. Shuttles from the base are available. Our Spa receptionists will aid you in customizing your services. When scheduled for an appointment, please arrive a few minutes early to allow for a relaxed check-in. Advanced booking is suggested to ensure that you get the appointment time you desire.

What forms of payment are accepted?
All scheduled appointments must be reserved with a major credit or Sundance charge card. For Sundance guests, all services and products may be billed directly to your accommodation. For day guests, we accept cash, check or major credit cards. Gift certificates may be purchased at the General Store.

What is the cancellation policy?
If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment, please contact reception no later than 24-hours prior to your appointment. If you must cancel within the 24-hour period, a full charge will be applied. However, we make every attempt to fill the appointment and avoid any unnecessary charges.

What should I wear?
Please come as comfortable and casual as you wish. You will be provided with a Sundance robe, slippers and tote bag to use while enjoying our spa. Place all personal belongings in the tote bag and keep this with you. During all treatments, you will be appropriately draped.

Do you allow cell phones and pagers in the spa?
Respecting the meditative, private and personal nature of our environment, loud conversation, cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices are not permitted inside the spa. We consider the spa a “whisper” zone.

Are there showers available?
We have limited shower facilities. If you would prefer to use our shower facilities, please let us know when booking your appointment. We would like to include this service on your schedule to ensure availability.

Where can I leave my jewelry and valuables?
Please leave all jewelry and watches in your guest room or mountain home. Unfortunately, we are not able to take responsibility for valuables that are lost or left behind.

Is the Spa "green"?
Sundance has gone to great lengths to make your experience in the spa relaxing and also healthy. Join us is our “green building” designed and created to be mutually beneficial to the natural environment. With all the earthly elements incorporated into this program, we have no doubt you will experience peace and good health.


9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance, Utah 84604

Lodging Reservations: 800.892.1600

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