“Last night I visited with a friend (that attended the wedding) who raved about the food, mentioned how the staff communicated to the guests what was happening, and is looking forward to returning to Sundance for another visit. Looking at the wedding pictures that everyone took makes me smile for a number of reasons. Another friend asked me, “Would you have changed anything?” My answer was no. It was truly a beautiful day, wonderful venue and special to share a piece of my life with those that mean so much to me. Your staff made it all happen and I can’t thank you enough.”
- Rothman Wedding

“Having just returned home, my first order of business must be a letter of thanks. We could not have wished for a more rewarding experience for our daughter’s wedding. We have traveled extensively and do not believe we could have gone anywhere in the world and created a better environment for our family and guests than at Sundance. Without exception, every single guest left raving about the food, the service, the accommodations and the beauty of Sundance. Taken together, these elements helped us create exactly the setting we sought as we brought together two families and dear friends for the wedding.”
- Herrington Wedding

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for Sundance’s excellent attention to detail and your staff’s patience and assistance with our unending questions and requests during our stay. It was truly a pleasure working with the staff to make the wedding such a successful and memorable reality. Thank you for your hard work and cooperation.” - Ed Libby & Company

“We had the great privilege of planning and executing a spectacular wedding at magnificent Sundance. Your entire staff did an outstanding job creating a wedding of a lifetime. Your staff exceeded our every expectation and the enthusiasm and “can do” attitude provided us with a level of comfort heretofore unmatched in the industry. After my experience with Sundance and the entire incredible team I would not hesitate to come back to beautiful Sundance.”
- Leslie Mastin, State of The Art