Can we serve alcohol?

Yes. Sundance’s banquet liquor license allows us to have a private hosted bar at your function where you can determine what beverages you would like served. All alcohol served in private functions must be purchased from Sundance.

What does Sundance provide for the wedding/reception?

Sundance will provide the function space, tables, chairs, china, glass, silver, basic linen, staff, food and alcohol. We can make recommendations and will help you arrange anything above and beyond these services such as cakes, flowers, photographers, décor, music, etc.

Will Sundance make my cake?

Our pastry chefs are extremely talented and would love to make your cake, but we don’t have the space in our kitchen to create wedding cakes.

Can we throw bird seed? Light sparklers? Blow Bubbles? Float Candles on the Pond?

We ask that any and all of your wedding festivities be in harmony with Sundance’s environmental efforts and the regulations of the Northfork Canyon. Check with your catering manager to get approval on your specific celebratory desires.

When is it the busiest at Sundance/What is your peak season?

Surprisingly to some, summer is our peak season. We are a ski resort with fabulous winter recreation, but summer at Sundance is something to be is fall, spring and winter.

Isn’t Utah a dry state? Can I get a drink?

Utah isn’t as dry as you might think even though it’s the desert. Sundance has liquor licenses that allow us to host private bar functions. Sundance also has its very own bar, the historic Owl Bar. The Tree Room has one of the best wine lists in the state and the Foundry Grill also offers a full wine list and bar menu. Beer is available at the Deli.