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Kristin Zabawa

Sundance Resort Grill Room Show
Photography by Kristin Zabawa
Portland, Oregon
December 2010 - May 2011

Come to Sundance Resort and visit the new Grill Room Show opening Wednesday, December 1st and featuring the work of Kristin Zabawa. Kristin is an amazing artist who has traveled an amazing path. From a fine arts education to professional zoo keeping for many years, and then on to a photography business; her love for nature, wildlife, and photography have merged to create this current body of work with Welsh ponies. Allowed to roam free on 50 acres in Deer Island, Oregon, these ponies have accepted Kristin's presence and are true collaborators in these fine art images.


“I seek to recognize the threads that connect all living things with each other. This takes time and a lot of patience. The light, the wind and the sun, the color of hair, the warmth and behavior of the animal; these elements and more combine to form an image that I recognize the moment it all comes together. When I become still and completely open myself up to whatever the moment will bring, the images present themselves to be recognized and captured.”


Kristin's breathtaking photography showcasing these amazing animals will be available for your viewing pleasure in our Grill Room Show, just outside the Foundry Grill, and will also be available to purchase.

Tree Room

Sundance Art Gallery

Our Sundance Art Gallery is located in the Art Shack.
It features a number of exhibiting guest artists, as
well as our Art Shack Daily Workshop instructors.


• AD Maddox of Wyoming
• September Vhay of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
• John Emery of New Zealand and Ohio
• Sandra Cooney of Roy, Utah
• Robert Grogan of Sun Valley, Idaho
• Gregg Albracht of Santa Fe, New Mexico

• Art Shack Daily Workshop instructors




Open Daily 10:00am - 5:00pm