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Human Resources

8841 N. Alpine Loop Road

Sundance, UT 84604


Human Resources is located
in the back half of the ticket
office at the resort. See map


Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm


Sundance is an equal opportunity employer, a drug-free work place, and environmentally responsible work force.

personal appearance policy

In serving our guests we need to be concerned about the impression we create by our personal appearance. Be careful to choose clothing that is appropriate for your job. Especially choose clothing that aids good hygiene, is safe, modest, neat and clean. Each department is entitled to have a more stringent personal appearance policy to support business needs and compliance with health codes and OSHA requirements. Be sure to know and follow these guidelines for your particular job.


Grooming Standard
The grooming standard has been established to enhance the guest experience at Sundance. Employees reporting to work not complying with this standard may be sent home. Your supervisor(s) will make the final call on acceptability. Employees should arrive on property in accordance with this standard.


Employees must follow good grooming and hygiene habits daily:
1. Shower.
2. Brush teeth.
3. Fresh breath.
4. Use deodorant, no strong perfume.
5. Freshly laundered clothing – pressed as required.
6. Hands and nails must be clean.
7. Nails kept at a moderate length. (No chipped polish.)
    If nail polish is allowed in your work area, the following is prohibited: neon or black nail polish, multiple colors, glitter, stickers or other nail art.
8. Hair and Makeup

  • Must be neatly trimmed and groomed. Extremes in hair styles are not permitted including but not limited to dreadlocks, Mohawks,  faux-hawks, and tails.
  • Un-natural hair colors (ie blue, purple, green) are not permitted.
  • Hair must not cover eyes or face.
  • Makeup: conservative use permitted no bright colors or heavy eyeliner.
  • Shave Daily
  • Beards, mustaches and side-burns are permitted when the following criteria are met: even whisker growth and distribution, well maintained and groomed

9. Earrings, Gages, and Body Piercings:

  • Employees must be in compliance when working in or passing through Guest Critical areas
  • Earrings must comply with OSHA standards for position
  • Multiple earrings are allowed provided they are simple: studs or small hoops
  • Gages are prohibited
  • Facial and other visible body piercings are prohibited

10. Tattoos


  • Employees must be in compliance when working or passing through Guest Critical areas
  • Tattoos are prohibited
  • Tattoos may be covered with clothing (e.g. long sleeves, long pants, etc.), body paint, jewelry, or other approved means.
  • Bandages are not approved method for covering tattoos